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2008 Season (Philippine Tropical Cyclones)

2007 Season (Philippine Tropical Cyclones)

The Philippine Tropical Cyclone Names
The Northwest Pacific & South China Sea Names

T2K Weather Station

Current Observations
Post Observations
Typhoon UNDING (Muifa/29W)
Typhoon DINDO (Nida/04W)
Tropical Depression MILENYO (Vongfong/18W/20W)
Typhoon Bebinca (Seniang/31W)
Typhoon Xangsane (Reming/30W)
Typhoon Babs (Loleng/9811)

Historical Data (Summaries & Tracks)
2007 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2006 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2005 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2004 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2003 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2002 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2001 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
2000 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
1999 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
1998 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
Gary Padgett's Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summaries & Tracks
Satellite Imageries & Movies
Super Typhoon Rosing/Angela Special Multimedia (Nov. 1995)
Ty2000.com Enhanced IR

DMSP F-12 TIR High Resolution Colour Imagery

Super Typhoon Nina/Sisang Special Images (Nov. 1987)
Super Typhoon Images Archives (Hitting Philippines)
Betty / Herming

Mike / Ruping

    Typhoon Chasers/Hurricane Hunters Personal Archive Sites

Tropical Cyclone Facts & Statistics
Worst Ancient Typhoons of the Philippines (Spanish Period/1617-1876)
       11 Worst Typhoons of the Philippines (1947-2006): A Summary
       20 Worst Typhoons of the Philippines (1947-2006)
       20 Worst Typhoons of Luzon, Philippines (1947-2002)
       15 Worst Typhoons of Visayas, Philippines (1947-2002)
       10 Worst Typhoons of Mindanao, Philippines (1947-2002)
       Costliest Typhoons of the Philippines (1947-2006)
       Deadliest Typhoons of the Philippines (1947-2006)
       Strongest Typhoons of the Philippines (1947-2006)
       29 Most Intense Typhoons of Bicol Region, Philippines (1947-2006)
       Lahars at Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines (1766-2006)
       Guam's 14 Worst Typhoons (1962-2002)
       More Ancient Philippine Typhoons: 1566-1900
       Philippine Tropical Cyclones from 1963-1988
       PAGASA's Old Namelist (1991-1999)
       JTWC's Old/Retired Names for SCS/WestPac (1945-1997)
       Tropical Cyclone All-Time Records
    Tropical Cyclone Basics
       Tropical Cyclone Guide: How to Plot Typhoons
       The Philippine Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map
       The Saffir-Simpson Tropical Cyclone Scale for the Tropical Pacific
       The Philippine Forecast Areas
       Tropical Cyclone Terminologies & Other Weather Definitions
    Tropical Cyclone Preparedness
       The Philippine Storm Warning Signals: Knowing the Four (4) Stage Signals...
    Tropical Cyclone Meteorology
    Typhoon2000 Information Articles
       Eye to Eye with Typhoon Muifa/Unding: Michael V. Padua's Personal Encounter
       Timely warnings from "Mr. Typhoon"
       Have there been any typhoons stronger than Super Typhoon Tip? (in PDF)
       Chasing Super Typhoon Babs: Dr. Karl Hoarau's Personal Experience
       Tropical Cyclone's Key Motion Concepts
       Environment Structure Affecting the Motion of Tropical Cyclones
       1998 Season: A Quiet Year?

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