• Joint Typhoon Warning Center [JTWC] (Pearl Harbour, Hawaii)
  • PAGASA Weather Branch (Manila, Philippines)
  • Japan Meteorological Agency (Tokyo)
  • National Hurricane Center (Tropical Prediction Center, Miami, Florida)
  • Naval Research Lab's Tropical Cyclone Homepage (Monterey, California)
  • Tropical Cyclone Position & Intensity Page (All Basins) (Sat Services Division, NOAA)
  • Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecasting System Support Page (NRL, Monterey, California)
  • CIMSS Tropical Cyclones (University of Wisconsin, USA)
  • Canadian Hurricane Centre (Canada)
  • UKMet Office Tropical Cyclone Page (United Kingdom)
  • Hurricane Resource Page (NASA)
  • (formerly "") [Mike Welch]
  • (Jim Williams)
  • (Jonathan Edwards, USA)
  • (James Reynolds, UK/China)
  • (Adrian, USA)
  • Typhoon Analysis & Wx Observation (Jermaine Christopher Gaines, Manila)
  • Cyclone Weather (Lawrence Davidson, N.J., USA)
  • Philippine Typhoons Blog (Philippines)
  • (Lowe's, USA)
  • Hurricane Hunters' Cyberpage (USA)
  • Australian Tropical Cyclone Site (Michael Bath)
  • Phil's Typhoons, Hurricanes, & Cyclones Page (Phil Smith, Hong Kong)
  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Center (Jose M. Garcia)

  • The El Niño/La Niña Monthly Advisory (Climate Prediction Center/NCEP, NOAA)
  • ENSO Wrap-Up (updated every two weeks) (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
  • The El-Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) (John Daly, Australia)
  • Tracking El Niño (Nova Online, PBS, US)
  • El Niño/La Niña Theme Page (TAO/NOAA)
  • El Niño & Climate (COLA/IGES, Maryland, USA)

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