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Philippine Tropical Cyclones: 2005 Season

Click here to view Ondoy's full NASA/MODIS Terra Satellite enhanced image Tropical Storm ONDOY (Tembin/23W)
November 08 - 11
Max Sustained Winds: 85 kph (45 kts)
Min Central Pressure: 991 mb
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC.JAXA|Summary|Satellite Movie]
[JAXA/EORC's TRMM, Aqua, Midori-II Observation Page]

Click here to view Pepeng's full NASA/MODIS Aqua Satellite enhanced image! Typhoon PEPENG (Bolaven/24W)
November 14 - 20
Max Sustained Winds: 140 kph (75 kts)
Min Central Pressure: 967 mb
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC.JAXA|Summary|NASA Site]
[T2K AWS Obs: Nov 18/Nov 19|Satellite Movies: 01/02/03/04]
[JAXA/EORC's TRMM, Aqua, Midori-II Observation Page|NOAA Image]

Click here to view Quedan's full NASA/MODIS Terra Satellite enhanced image! Tropical Depression QUEDAN (25W)
December 16 - 18
Max Sustained Winds: 55 kph (30 kts)*
Min Central Pressure: 1002 mb
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC.JAXA|Summary|NOAA Site]
[JAXA/EORC's TRMM, Aqua, Midori-II Observation Page]

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- Deadly/Disastrous

:: This summary is based on Tropical Cyclones within the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) ::

[Note: Local names issued by PAGASA; In parenthesis are Int'l. names given by UN Typhoon Committee and
followed by JTWC's designated TC Number / Maximum Sustained Winds based on 1-Min. Average (JTWC)
except as indicated (*): based on 10-Min. Average (PAGASA) / Minimum Central Pressure by PAGASA or NRL Mon-
/ JTWC Tracks by Hawaii Solar Astronomy (HSA) and JAXA-NASA / Storm's Summary courtesy of
Gary Padgett's Monthly Global TC Summary / Thumbnail and links images courtesy of NASA/GSFC,
NOAA, NRL Monterey, & Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan / Aftermath Reports
courtesy of National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC)]

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