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Click here to view Kabayan's full NOAA/OSEI enhanced image! Typhoon KABAYAN (Etau/11W)
August 04 - 06
Max. Sustained Winds: 205 kph (110 kts.)
Central Pressure: 933 mb.
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC-NASA|Summary]


Image not available Tropical Storm LAKAY
August 18 - 20
Max. Sustained Winds: 65 kph* (35 kts.)
Central Pressure: 998 mb.
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA]


Click here to view Manang's full NASA/TERRA enhanced image! Tropical Storm MANANG (Vamco/13W)
August 19
Max. Sustained Winds: 65 kph (35 kts.)
Central Pressure: 998 mb.
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC-NASA|Summary]


Click here to view Niña's full NOAA/OSEI enhanced image! Typhoon NIÑA (Krovanh/12W)
August 20 - 23
Max. Sustained Winds: 165 kph (90 kts.)
Central Pressure: 954 mb.
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC-NASA|Summary|Flash Animation]


Click here to view Onyok's full Aqua/MODIS enhanced image! Typhoon ONYOK (Dujuan/14W) Deadly/Disastrous
August 29 - September 01
Max. Sustained Winds: 230 kph (125 kts.)
Central Pressure: 920 mb.
[Storm Log|Tracks: PAGASA/JTWC-NASA|Summary|Flash Animation]
[Aftermath Report (NDCC)]

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Storm Logs for Non-Philippine Tropical Cyclones

- Deadly/Disastrous

:: This summary is based on Tropical Cyclones within the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) ::

[Note: Local names issued by PAGASA; In parenthesis are Int'l. names given by UN Typhoon Committee and
followed by JTWC's designated TC Number / Maximum Sustained Winds based on 1-Min. Average (JTWC)
except as indicated (*): based on 10-Min. Average (PAGASA) / Central Pressure by PAGASA or NRL Monterey /
JTWC Tracks by Hawaii Solar Institute and NASA / Storm's Summary courtesy of JTWC's 2003 ATCR /
Thumbnail images courtesy of NOAA-OSEI, NRL Monterey, & Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan /
Aftermath Reports courtesy of National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC)]

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