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Storm Logs for Non-Philippine Tropical Cyclones

:: 2004 SEASON ::

TROPICAL STORM 05W (NoName) of May 15-17
TYPHOON TINGTING (11W) of June 24-July 04
TYPHOON NAMTHEUN (13W) of July 24-August 01
TYPHOON MERANTI (14W) of August 02-09
TROPICAL STORM MALOU (15W) of August 03-05
TROPICAL STORM MALAKAS (17W) of August 10-13
SUPER TYPHOON CHABA (19W) of August 18-31
TROPICAL STORM 21W (NoName) of August 25-28
TROPICAL STORM SARIKA (23W) of September 03-08
TROPICAL STORM NORU (32W) of December 16-22

Updated: September 13, 2004 @ 12:44 UTC

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