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CODE LOG: NONAMELOG.0615 JTWC Tropical Cyclone Warning Log Name: Tropical Depression 15W Date: September 12 - 13, 2006 Wind Speed: 30 Kts 1-min.Winds Warning Date/Time (in Knots) Direction of Number (in UTC) Lat Lon Sust Gust Movement (Kts) Status Remarks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... 12/1130Z 20.1N 115.2E 20 25 NNW 06 TropDis TCFA/Good 001 12/1800Z 20.6N 113.5E 25 35 WNW 11 TropDep Initial Warning 002 13/0000Z 21.0N 113.0E 30 40 WNW 08 TropDep Intensified 003 13/0600Z 21.3N 111.8E 25 35 WNW 10 TropDep Near Landfall 004 13/1200Z 21.7N 110.9E 20 30 WNW 09 TropDis Landfall/Final Note: The above data are taken from its real-time, 6-hrly. TC Warnings. The Best Track data for this system will be released on the upcoming 2006 Annual Tropical Cyclone Report sometime next year (2007). For details visit: www.npmoc.navy.mil/jtwc/atcr/atcr_archive.html

CODE LOG: NAMELESSLOG.06XX RSMC-JMA (Tokyo) Typhoon Center Tropical Cyclone Warning Log Name: Tropical Depression 06XX NAMELESS (06XX) Date: September 12 - 13, 2006 Wind Speed: 30 Kts 10-min. Date/Time Max Winds Direction of Pressure (in UTC) Lat Lon (in Kts) Movement (Kts) (in mb) Status Remarks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12/1800Z 20.7N 113.8E 30 W 11 1004 TropDep Initial Log 13/0000Z 21.0N 112.8E 30 WNW 10 1008 TropDep Apprchng S. China 13/0600Z 21.2N 112.5E 30 WNW 06 1006 TropDep Near Landfall 13/1200Z 21.0N 112.0E 25 W Slowly 1008 TropDep Final Log

Note: Updated time is in Philippine Standard Time Zone. All data are taken from its respective weather agencies: Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, & Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), & Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre-Tokyo Typhoon Centre, Japan Meteorological Agency (RSMC-JMA).
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